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Our Story

Baby & Mom Mobile Clinics (BAM) is a 501c3 non-profit started in 2017 by Rebecca Weber in Cape Coast, Ghana. Rebecca has traveled to Ghana many times before to work in local hospitals and provide public health education. While working in the hospitals, she realized that most mortalities could have been prevented with early treatment and proper education. 

Many women and newborns were suffering because of lack of prenatal care or births unsupervised by a medical professional. Also the children were dying from illnesses that could have been prevented with immunizations or proper resources such as mosquito nets and clean water. This sparked Rebecca to question how these problems could be prevented and how these lives could be saved.

After talking to local patients, lack of transportation seemed to be the primary reason patients were not receiving proper, early care. Rebecca then decided to bring the clinic to the patients. Mobile clinics were the easy answer. With the help of executive directors Sam Gyandoh and Dell Edem, BAM was able to start their first project in 2019 with many more to come in the future. 




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Tel: +1 (602) 359-3119

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