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About Us

Our Mission

To improve reproductive, infant and child health through mobile health clinics in impoverished and rural communities world wide. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve quality healthcare for women and children in poor and underserved communities. 


  • ​Impact- We work to change the lives of women and children by providing them with the best possible healthcare and education to lead happy and productive lives.

  • Humanity- We believe we are responsible for protecting one another by bringing positive change to communities around the world. Our role is to increase quality of life through essential healthcare and knowledge.

  • Empowerment- We work to involve and inspire communities to serve its members in need. We provide communities with guidance and resources to sustain and better themselves. 


  • Accountability- The communities and the people we serve can aways rely on us to provide quality care and proper education.​

  • Transparency- We promise to operate openly and truthfully to assure the best outcome for our patients and all who are involved with the organization.

  • Equality- We select those served based on urgency and need. We do not discriminate based on beliefs, location, ethnicity or disability.

  • Operational Independence- We promise to act autonomously of political, economic, military and other objectives. 

Our Mission
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